Next expert meeting

The second discussion panel with experts participating in the Inventorum project took place at the Koźmiński University in Warsaw.

During this edition, the representatives of the scientific and business sectors tried to find a solution to the problem of verifying the innovative capital measurement models in companies. The models were developed based on literature review and the indicators worked out during the previous meeting in June.

The Koźmiński University is a partner of the National Information Processing Institute in the Inventorum project.

System usability tests (3rd phase)

The third phase of the system usability test is underway, as planned in the schedule.  The invited entrepreneurs and experts from the service, industrial design and medical sectors helped us to evaluate the system and eliminate errors concerning the conferences, experts and projects modules.  The third phase of tests is being conducted by the Interactive Technologies Laboratory of the National Information Processing Institute.

Inventorum is tested by the businesses

According to the project schedule in June has been completed the third phase of testing applications. It has been carried out by Laboratory of Interactive Technologies.