Version 1.35

Changes in version 1.35 include:

  • a new feature enabling the project data transfer from POLON 2.0 to Inventorum
  • the new “Sector” field to supplement user data
  • the new “Sought at the market” section in a person’s profile
  • an option to subscribe to the latest user recommendations
  • a feature allowing to add multiple websites in the user’s profile
  • an upgrade to the “About me” field in the user’s profile which can now contain 2,000 characters
  • a fix to the issue of validating “.tech” top-level domains by the system
  • additional information on project managers that supplements project data from POL-on 1
  • new filtering options for the “Sector” and “Voivodship” search criteria in the list of experts

Version 1.34

Changes in version 1.34 include::

  • conferences → the default values of the “Status” filter are now set to “in progress” and “planned”
  • projects → automatic updates of the project status (if the “end date” is earlier than the “current date”, the status is changed to “completed”)
  • extension of the list of entities that grant rights of protection
  • patent data transfer from POLON 2.0 to Inventorum

March 2022 version

  • changes in the design of Inventorum (a new colour scheme)

Version 1.29

Changes in version 1.29 include:

  • possibility to register a scientst account without the requirement of having PESEL number in Polish Science database
  • possibility to enter family name in profile
  • extending the scope of institution data synchronized between Polish Science and Invetorum databases

Version 1.28

Changes in version 1.28 include:

  • updates of science classifications (removed outdated CKSST classification, added Ministry of Science and Higher Education classification)
  • improvements in the multilingual search of applications
  • ability to link datasets to publications with their DOI numbers

Version 1.26

Changes in version 1.26 include

  • more efficient search of innovation databases and projects by providing a multilingual search engine
  • system availability by adding ORCID login capabilities

Version 1.25

Changes in version 1.25 include

  • system performance, in particular speeding up the loading of profiles
  • expand the information on scientific publications by providing the possibility of linking to the publication of research data

Version 1.22

Changes in version 1.22 include

  • possibilities of removing employment information and functions in the case of users registered by the Inventorum system
  • limitations of data editing possibilities in the mobile version of the application

Version 1.21

Changes in version 1.21 include:

  • ability to remove employment and function information for users registered with Inventorum
  • restricting the ability to edit data in the mobile version of the application

Version 1.20

Changes in version 1.20 include:

  • automation of handling of public reports to the Technology Transfer Centers within the PSTRYK module
  • adding a contrast version of the Inventorum interface