Version 1.29

Changes in version 1.29 include:

  • possibility to register a scientst account without the requirement of having PESEL number in Polish Science database
  • possibility to enter family name in profile
  • extending the scope of institution data synchronized between Polish Science and Invetorum databases

Version 1.28

Changes in version 1.28 include:

  • updates of science classifications (removed outdated CKSST classification, added Ministry of Science and Higher Education classification)
  • improvements in the multilingual search of applications
  • ability to link datasets to publications with their DOI numbers

Version 1.26

Changes in version 1.26 include

  • more efficient search of innovation databases and projects by providing a multilingual search engine
  • system availability by adding ORCID login capabilities

Version 1.25

Changes in version 1.25 include

  • system performance, in particular speeding up the loading of profiles
  • expand the information on scientific publications by providing the possibility of linking to the publication of research data

Version 1.22

Changes in version 1.22 include

  • possibilities of removing employment information and functions in the case of users registered by the Inventorum system
  • limitations of data editing possibilities in the mobile version of the application

Version 1.21

Changes in version 1.21 include:

  • ability to remove employment and function information for users registered with Inventorum
  • restricting the ability to edit data in the mobile version of the application

Version 1.20

Changes in version 1.20 include:

  • automation of handling of public reports to the Technology Transfer Centers within the PSTRYK module
  • adding a contrast version of the Inventorum interface

Version 1.19.1

Version 1.19.1 introduced system navigation fixes.

Version 1.19

Changes in version 1.19 include:
– improving the list of available technology industries related to public reports
– restricting access to files uploaded to the system

In addition, fixes related to the incorrect highlighting of the invitations icon and to access to the system for persons registered through Polish Science have been implemented.

Version 1.17

Changes in version 1.17 include:

  • company management interface by adding contextual information to actions available in the user-related list of companies
  • automation of handling public records
  • improving navigation to the statements