Navigation in the system


Displays the user’s dashboard, which is the central point of information management in the system immediately after logging in. The dashboard shows the most recent recommendations, the most recent watched data, companies to which the logged-in user is related. Each of these groups of information includes the “Show more” option which displays the full set of information. You can return to your dashboard by click on the Inventorum logo.

Messages and account management

There is a place for displaying messages and notifications, accessing help and managing the account settings in the upper right corner.


There are options for innovations, protection, projects, companies, scientific institutions, experts and conferences, which display lists of all information from a given group in the upper part of the screen. Below is a search bar where you simply enter the search text and press Enter to search for information.

The data are searched as a full text in all available natural languages. It is possible to narrow down the search results by using suitable filters. Full-text search encompasses areas included in the table below.


  • name
  • owner
  • description (including files)


  • project title
  • project number
  • manager’s forename(s) and surname
  • descriptive data (abstract, notes, keywords, files)
  • individuals’ forenames and surnames
  • companies’ names

Experts and reviewers

  • forename(s) and surname, title
  • email, website address
  • academic degrees
  • individual’s description
  • individual’s documents
  • keywords, classifications
  • names of publications, projects, innovations, scientific institutions, companies affiliated with the individual
  • names of doctoral and habilitation theses reviewed and completed by the individual
  • industry

Scientific institutions

  • name + names of subunits
  • fields of activity
  • registered office address
  • email, phone, website address
  • names of institution’s conferences


  • company’s name
  • industry
  • registered office address
  • email, phone, website address
  • description, description of the activity (including files)
  • PKD (code and description of the line of business, according to the Polish classification of economic activities)
  • type of activity
  • names of company’s innovations
  • names of company’s projects
  • names of company’s conferences
  • forenames and surnames of individuals affiliated with the company


  • name and descriptions (including files)
  • document number
  • awarding institution
  • priority country
  • territory of validity


  • name
  • description (including files)
  • keywords
  • place and address of the conference
  • name of the organizers
  • participants