Scientific institutions

Scientific institution profile

The scientific institution profile includes the following information:

  • Basic data (REGON statistical number, date of establishment, and the type of institution)
  • Fields of activity
  • Subordinate units
  • Contact information
  • Related data:
    • Innovations
    • Projects
    • Conferences

The user associated with the scientific institution by means of a current employment or a function can add projects, conferences and innovations to the institution. The other users can only view the data (more on user permissions, see Roles and permissions in the system).

The list of scientific institutions has been retrieved from the Polish Science system.

Associating with the scientific institution

The user that is an employee of the scientific institution can associate with the registered scientific institution. There are several ways to create the appropriate association:

  1. You can call the “Join to the scientific institution” action. This action is available in the profile of the scientific institution. In this case, you must select the type of association in the showed form. After that, the Administrator of the scientific institution accepts the created association.


    When the user does not have a filled personal data then the appropriate form to fill it is presented.


    When the scientific institution does not have any administrators then you are labeled as a potential administrator. The created association and the user role require verification by the Inventorum team.

  2. The association related to the cooperation in the same project
  3. The association related to the realization of the common innovation