Adding a project

You can register the project (planned, completed or in progress) in the system. To do this, you can call the Add action available in:

  • the projects list ()
  • the Projects tab available from the profile of a person, company or scientific institution.

It is necessary to complete the form with the required data (basic data, descriptive data) and to approve the operation. The project can be supplemented with additional data at any time.

Note: You need to complete a profile, if it is not complete yet, which will be then validated by the Inventorum team in order to add a project. You will be notified of the validation result.


Joining to the project

You can associate yourself with the existing project in two way.

  1. An attempt to associate is initiated if you enter the existing name or number of the project when adding it. In this case, the system displays an informational message that the project already exists in the database. You can select “Join to this project”, in which case you will only have to determine your relationship with the project (manager or participant).


  2. In the project profile is available the “Join to this project” action. In this case, the filling of the form is required. This form establishes the relation between user and project. The owner of the project must confirm this relation. After form filling, the authorization request message will be sent.

    When the entity has created the association with the project as a first one, then this association is accepted automatically, and the user obtains the access to the management of project data.