Conference profile

The conference profile includes the following information:

  • Basic data (such as: name, industry, location, date of conference)
  • Additional information (such as: conference website, the number of enrolled participants, description)
  • Keywords
  • Descriptive information
  • Area/Field/Discipline of science
  • Organizers
  • Contact person
  • Participants

The conference organizer can manage (edit, delete) its data. In addition to viewing the conference data, other users may apply to participate in it. However, note that this is not an official application to the conference, but telling other users that the user is going to attend (more on user permissions, see Roles and permissions in the system).

Adding a conference

You can register a conference (scientific, business, science and business) in the system. To do this, you can call the Add action available in:

  • the conferences list ()
  • the Conferences tab available from the profile of a person, company or scientific institution.

You need to complete the form with the required data (basic data, date, location, organizer, contact person, additional details) and approve the operation.

Notification of the attendance to the conference

The logged-in user can indicate his or her participation in the conference. The action I am going to attend this conference is available from the conference profile. After the action, the user will be added as a conference participant.


  1. Indicating the participation in the conference only means informing other users of Inventorum about the fact that the user is going to attend the conference. This is not an official application.
  2. A validated user can join the conference if he or she has not yet participated in the conference and the conference has the status of Planned.

Invitation for a person to attend the conference

The conference organizer can send an invitation to participation in the conference both to those who have already opened an Inventorum account and those who have not yet done so. Go to profile of the selected conference > Participants tab and select the action Add participant in order to add a participant. After completing the form with data (e-mail address, name, or speaker), an invitation will be sent which the user will have to accept or reject.

Note: You need to complete a profile, which will be validated by the Inventorum team in order to add a conference. The System will notify you of the validation result.