Company profile

The company profile includes the following information:

  • Basic information (REGON, NIP, KRS),
  • Descriptive information
  • Keywords
  • Industries in which the company operates
  • Information about innovative activities
  • Contact information
  • Related data:
    • Persons
    • Innovations
    • Projects
    • Conferences

You can view the company data and link to the company in case you are the employee of the company. However, this link requires the approval of the company administrator.


The company administrator manages the company, its data in the system and approves the links of persons with the company (more information on user permissions can be found in the chapter titled Roles and permissions in the system).

Company registration

You can register a company which you own or are an employee thereof in the system. To do this, you must use the Add action available in:

  • List of companies ()
  • The Companies tab accessible from the profile of a person, company, or scientific institution

You need to complete the form with the required data (identification, principal office contact details, mailing details, position at the company) and approve the operation.

Note: You need to complete a profile, if it is not complete yet, which will be validated by the Inventorum team in order to add a company. The System will notify you of the validation result.

Joining to the existing company

If the company already exists in the system, a user who is its employee may link to the company. There are the following linking methods:

  1. When adding a new company, the system indicates that such a company is already in the system based on the data in the form. The system also asks whether the user wants to link to it. If the user confirms, a notice will be sent to the administrator of the company with a request to accept the link.
  2. In the event that the user receives an invitation from the company administrator, the user will be associated with it after its acceptance.
  3. Use the “Link yourself to the company” action available from the company profile. The link must also be approved by the company administrator.

Company validation

Each registered company must be validated by the Inventorum team. The user who registers a company becomes its administrator. The user and his/her administrator role must also be validated. The System will notify the user of the validation result.

Adding a person to the company (company Administrator)

The company administrator can add (invite) any person to the company, either the one who has already registered in the Inventorum system or the one who has not registered yet. This action is available from Company profile > Persons tab > Add new. After completing the form, the user receives an invitation, which he or she can accept or reject.

Note: Pending invitations addressed to the user or company, which the user is an administrator of are available by clicking on the invitations icon () in the upper right corner of the screen.

Approval of a link between the person and the company (company Administrator)

Given that anyone can ask to be linked to the company (company employee) this link must be approved by the company administrator. A pending link is indicated on the system notification list (), which is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Application validation requires going to company profile > Persons tab and confirming or rejecting the link.

Changing the permissions or position of the person in the company (company Administrator)

Company administrator can change the permissions or position of a person in the company. This action is available from Company profile > Persons tab. Actions Changing the permissions and Changing the position are available for each person associated with the company.

Deleting or suspending the company

The user who has the access to manage the company can suspend/unregister the company (the action is available from the company profile). In this case, it is still in the system with the appropriate information about its status. The administrator can reactivate company from the same level.

The administrator can also completely remove the company from the system (Delete action available from the company profile). In such a case, the related objects (projects, innovations, conferences) will be removed along with the company, unless they are linked to other companies, scientific institutions or persons.